Bear Project Young Persons Treatment

The Bear Project Young Persons Treatment is an integrated therapy program for young people aged 12 to 19 suffering from emotional difficulties.

The programme is clinically overseen by Dr Paul Bain, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

We are a multidisciplinary team committed to supporting the young person and their family in their journey towards recovery. The treatment team has been collaborating now for 5 years and offers a high level of integrated care.

The core therapeutic approach is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy which can be delivered in full or in an adapted structure according to the needs of the clinical situation.

The team meets on a weekly basis to discuss their active caseload providing a joined up clinical thinking framework for the benefit of the young person's treatment. The disciplinary work allows for a containing and reassuring experience for the young person and the family. The team aims to offer an accessible, emotionally containing and young person friendly therapy.

Regular review meetings are arranged with the referring psychiatrist and the allocated therapist from the Bear Project YPT, bringing together the young person and the parents to reflect on treatment planning and progress to date. The young person has an opportunity to review their treatment goals during these meetings and is placed at the centre of the process. The treatment is young person centred.

Counselling support to parents is available and recommended, as it allows parents to explore different ways of supporting their teenager but also helps them process some of the difficult emotions that are inevitable in these circumstances.

Consultations take place at 35 Great James Street London WC1N 3HB and the Bear Project YPT is part of a community of highly regarded clinicians in the field of adolescent mental health. 

Discriminating between how much a crisis is just being an adolescent and how much translates a genuine mental health problem can sometimes be difficult to distinguish. We see working with this age group as an opportunity to address these challenges at an early stage of the individual’s development in order to promote maturity and lasting positive change into adulthood. 

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